Ok, so as I mentioned before, I decided to migrate my entire web page, to a new service, because the other service provider, was terrible at keeping up with the times and also had very poor technical support and account security.  I finally found a much better provider with more streamlined tools to work with, in order to help me finish up this site, by the year 2020. Remember, I'm a one man show here, so bare with me. Some updates may take weeks, or even months, but I'll get there. ;)

As for NARCOMICS.COM, I've decided to leave that behind, mostly due in fact that it's now being correlated with drug cartels and things of that nature, in search engines. lol. Typing Narcomics on Google, will now surprise you with this stuff.


In order to get a new fresh kick start with my brand next year, I want to get as far away from that stuff, as possible and decided to go with the name, Nexus Art Realm (aka N.A.R.) instead, which is a name I've had in my pocket for some years now. I think it has a nice ring to it and should serve my purpose well, for future products and the like.  :)

So that's about it for that subject.  In other news, I am working really hard this year (2019) to finish out every single commissioned project I have on my list and prepare for an even stronger return to the field. >;)

I look forward to working on some fun comic book stuff and maaaaaybe a return to a Marvel trading card set.  If Upper Deck plays nice with me, there's potential for some really fun stuff up ahead. We'll see.

I want to give a BIG THANKS, to all of you who have been so wonderful to me, throughout these years and supportive of my doodles and chicken scratch.

Believe me, I love you all just as much. <3 <3<3

I promise to continue to give it everything I got, just as I always have, for the past decade or so. Let's keep rockin'!



Please make note that my email has changed!! It's no longer

It is now  Write it down! lol