Update for 1/20/22

Greetings all! Thank you for visiting my website today! Man... this site is in dire need of some updates and I apologize for completely abandoning it throughout the very difficult times I've endured through these past couple of years.

First off, I am alive and well. Still rockin' (to an extent). I do appreciate all the support I've received from many of you, who knew about my struggles and I'm also damned sorry you had to endure it with me. This was never my intention and for those of you who know me personally, know that I am a very hard working individual and ultra passionate about my work, be it large or small.

So, I am still in the midst of correcting various issues dealing with personal matters (mostly financial stuffs') and also trying my best to catch up with backlogged commissions. It's been a nightmare and it became a normal routine for me to wake up with frights and anxiety, knowing how much I have to do in order to regain balance.


But the thing that makes me who I am, is exactly what keeps me coming back. A deep desire to continue on to my path to God knows where.

The support from all of you, have also been the pillar of hope that helps me gain that energy I need to step back into the ring, over and over again.  So I thank you all for that. You know who you are and so do I.

I may at times feel the need to step away and hide in the shadows for however long, but do not fret. That's just me churning the flames within me for another go.

I have contacted most of you whom I'm currently working in regards to my current situation and have decided that the best thing to do here now is to prepare to issue out refunds for some of the more time consuming and difficult commissions and temporarily cancel a handful of inquiries (send back blanks, etc) that I had hoped to secure. Sadly, it simply became impossible for me to handle these things more adequately whilst struggling with my personal problems.

I'll withhold the details and instead, focus on pushing onward as best I can. I don't want to depress anyone here nor have any pity thrown on me. I appreciate all of you who have been by my side. You are wonderful friends and I am so sorry to have disappointed many of you these past couple of years. I will make things right, some how, some way, some time. For now, I need to get my life back into shape, or the art stops. We can't have that.

New website features (in the art section) will come eventually, but I'm not 100% sure when. It's a ton of work and I can't afford to pay anyone to do it for me, nor would I ever accept someone to do it for free. I have laid out new features for it, ranging from a lot more artwork scans from official sets, personal sets, comic books and more. Lots more. :) 

This year, as it was last year and the year before that, will be the continuation of making repairs and regaining balance. Gotta keep rockin'.

Commissions!  I'm sorry to say that commissions are currently closed. I will make sure to update my page (store page too)  with more info on when I'll be free to open up again. I have to finish what I have now before adding any more work. Despite the fact that I need to eat, I can't allow myself to take any more $ until stuff gets done. (I've actually lost weight haha!)  I have serious plans to find a new place to live and set up my studio as soon as it's financially viable to do so, because my current living situation has me trapped in very small quarters I'm renting and I can't have anything set up efficiently even for streaming. But that will change soon enough. :D

Thank you all for your love and care. Not one of you have chewed my head off throughout this time and to be honest, I was expecting to get a good chewing (and I would not defend myself either).  

But you never did, even though I'm damned sure it's been a very disappointing experience for some of you. I am so sorry about this, sincerely. Once things fall to ashes, it really is extremely hard to get things moving in the right direction. Mental, physical and financially difficult. It sometimes seems like there's no end to it. I feel for anyone going through the same or worst. But I appreciate you all so much nevertheless.

Speaking of worst... I am still incredibly sad over the passing of Jen Mercer and Dave Galindo. I'd like to share my memories of them now. They were two wonderful souls who have gone too soon. I still can't believe it and it's already been a couple of years. I really hope there is another side to our physical existence. Where they're still out there somewhere, hopefully happy and peaceful. I'll always remember them.  Jen was an amazing portrait artist. I had the honor of working with her a few times throughout the years. A real sweet heart.

Dave Galindo was a friend I made waaay back right after high school, who was a huge comic book fan and artist too. We used to hang out and draw ideas on paper and would always get excited about possibly putting a book out together. He had this cool character with tribal tattoos all over. Big Spawn fan too. You will be missed brother. :(

May you both rest in peace.

Projects. There are rumors of me working with a Chinese studio for a Chinese exclusive collectible set of premium sketch cards.  This rumor is Fal--True.

Yes. I was invited to work with a studio in China for a special set of sketch cards and while my current situation denies me of such luxuries, I was given a really generous deal to help me get my life back in order. The person behind this studio has been really warm and understanding of my plights and made more than fair arrangements with me, that would not only help me on a financial standpoint, but also with great concerned to my health. (in other words, no whips cracking on my back).  I've only produced an extremely limited number of cards for them this time around and gave it everything I had with all my love.  This is officially my very first international set. There will be more in the future if our agreements still stand. ;)

You will know more about this soon enough. My package was sent out over a week ago and is now in China awaiting to be delivered. I shall debut and discuss these cards publicly once in their hands. :)


Again, thank you for your love and patience and for those of you who are fairly new here, thank you as well for taking the time to visit and read my updates. Be well and of course...

 rock on!