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Dearest friends and card art fans, I regret to inform you that my commission gates are hereby closed indefinitely. All remaining art will be completed and shipped on a monthly basis until every last one is out or be fully refunded if completion is impossible. If we have a commission on hold, do not worry, I know what I have on my waiting list. I will get to you. 😉
I thank you sincerely for your support and patience.

We had a good run but it's now time for me to move away from commission work and push towards other important endeavors. I will continue to create art and may even offer them up from time to time. But the request line is closed.

I am also not available to work with any company for any card sets or books, whatsoever with the exception of the one I'm currently signed to (Mew Studio).  I thank you for your consideration and apologize if this comes as a blow.

I must keep exploring my potential and see whats out there. Rock on.💗

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